looking back // 2022.

2022 was a big year around these parts! it included a good number of life changes, a lot of time with old and new friends, and many fun adventures.

let’s take a little walk down memory lane, shall we?

2022 goals.

fancy coworkers. new york, new york. november 2022.

get a job. hey, i did this! i sort of unofficially gave myself 6 months in new york to find a job or figure out what came next, and luckily i started a new job right as i hit the 4-month mark.

radio city is pretty cool. new york, new york. june 2022.

get out of the house. once again i should have given myself some parameters around this but in general i feel like i did a good job. between neighborhood walks, flaneur adventures, dining explorations, events and movie festivals, and a variety of other things, i think i struck a good balance of getting out and exploring the city without going broke.

could have stayed here forever. hudson, new york. september 2022.

go on at least 5 weekend road trips to new places. in my midyear post i amended this to be 3 trips, and in the end i actually managed 4: boston in march, delaware in august, hudson in september, and saugerties to ring in the new year. and there was the july day trip to the beach, which sort of counts!

pretty chinatown. new york, new york. july 2022.

explore new neighborhoods in new york. there continue to be many more nooks and crannies of the city to see, but i am getting there. some i have done on my own and some i have done with friends, and hopefully i will cross some more off in 2023.

begin learning spanish. i did not stick with my duolingo with the frequency i intended, but i have picked it back up so i can have a foundation for a trip coming up in march.

watch a non-english language movie each month. i started off the year strong and then once summer hit and i was working and people were in and out of town i kind of forgot about it. i watched a few more toward the end of the year, so in the end i watched 5 non-english movies and have asked a few friends for their help in making this more of a priority this year.

take at least 3 train trips. i did a weekend trip to baltimore in september and a day trip to lili’s parents’ house in jersey over thanksgiving, so i’ll call that a win.

besties. new york, new york. june 2022.

host at least 4 get togethers. these looked a little different than i initially anticipated, but i did it. i had a front yard farewell before i left memphis in january, we had a friends dinner when my parents were here in june, i had an early birthday picnic in central park at the end of june, and i hosted a sunday lunch at my apartment at the end of july.

month-by-month highlights.

love these babies. nashville, tennessee. january 2022.

january. i made my farewell rounds of memphis, including letting all of my favorite restaurants know i was leaving and hosting a front yard get together so i could see my friends before i left. and then i closed the month with stops in nashville, atlanta, and baltimore on my way to new york.

february. well this is obviously arriving in new york city, followed closely by the mistake on the lake reunion in cleveland.

love these friends. boston, massachusetts. march 2022.

march. i made it to boston to visit lauren and sam and also had a steady stream of visitors to the city.

my faves. new york, new york. april 2022.

april. april was chock full of interviews, but it culminated in a visit from katie and a buda besties whirlwind tour of nyc.

we got fun shirts! new york, new york. may 2022.

may. maggie and i did a 5k and 10k on governors island and made new friends along the way! and memorial day weekend adventures with chrystal.

early birthday picnic in the park. new york, new york. june 2022.

june. i started a new job, my parents came to visit, i had my first work trip, and i had an early birthday bagel brunch in the park. june was a big month!

boys on the beach. long beach, new york. july 2022.

july. lots of fun adventures while alex and marcus were here, including a day trip to the beach and a sunday lunch at home.

august. i made my first return to memphis since moving. it was a very quick visit, but it was great to be back in the 901 and to see some of my favorite people. august also included a quick trip to delaware to see jane and to spend some time at the beach.

september. jeremy visited over labor day weekend and we had some fun adventures upstate, including my first hike since moving. also a fun evening at the us open.

october. sarah was here for two weeks, clinton school alumni weekend, and my first big work event. october was exhausting and also amazing.

cousin love. new york, new york. november 2022.

november. a lovely thanksgiving celebration at abi’s and many fun holiday weekend adventures. also the grizzlies came to town on back-to-back weekends!

back in the grindhouse. memphis, tennessee. december 2022.

december. so many things! marathon weekend and a return visit to memphis. and then fun holiday things in new york, christmas at abi’s, and upstate fun to close out the year.

some things went according to plan, some things didn’t come to fruition, and some things are still in process, but overall 2022 was one heck of a year.


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