hello and welcome! i am veena:

just hanging out with my boy dhoni. mahaballipuram, india. april 2010.
just hanging out with my boy dhoni and staying hydrated. mahaballipuram, india. april 2010.

a few things about me: i was born and raised in tennessee and arkansas. i currently live in queens, new york, and work for an awesome non-profit that develops leadership programs for middle- and high-school students. i love books, travel, sports, writing, photography, and running. i am a self-confessed spelling and grammar nerd. and i love to eat. a lot.

this is where i share whatever is on my mind — my favorite places to eat; books i am reading; photographs; interesting links i come across; life in new york city; travels; and everything in-between. it’s mostly so that my mother can stay updated on what i’m up to, but it’s also so that i can have a digital journal of all the ups-and-downs of everyday life.

i have a tendency to sometimes fall behind by a month or two on here, but you can follow me in real time on instagram and twitter if you so desire.

thanks for stopping by!


[updated october 2022]

11 thoughts on “about veena.

    1. veena says:

      Hi Ruta, I am actually not in Bangalore anymore [good reminder that I need to update that page!]. I moved back to the States in early June but continue to have a deep love for Bangalore. Thanks for sharing your blog, I look forward to checking it out 🙂

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  1. The Steel Rank says:

    It isnt an everyday event in the short span of our lives that we randomly google for book reviews, click on goodreads.com, look for reviews and then click randomly on displayed profiles of person who have read many books. Today, as it happened I saw your profile in goodreads.com and something passed my mind to check out your blog. After reading couple of reads and some beautiful pics that you have posted, I scrolled down, yet again in a random way, only to be surprised that one of the few blogs that you follow is mine! Isnt this a miracle. Life is a full circle. I thought I should let you know this. God bless you.. Keep writing.

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    1. veena says:

      This might be the best comment I’ve ever received. This is indeed a full circle, and a happy one at that. Thank you for randomly clicking and scrolling, and I hope you enjoyed what you read and saw. Hopefully our paths can cross in person one day as well xx

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