weekly roundup 41 // 2015.

this weekend i am:

hanging out with family and friends in memphis, driving to nashville for the day on sunday to see more friends [and babies], and drinking all the dr pepper i can get my hands on.

2015-12-12 18.58.33-2
christmas lights! bangalore, india. december 2015.

interesting things from around the interwebs:

tina fey + amy poehler answer questions from fans.

a reporter looks at what it’s like to cover gun violence in the us.

oh, tami taylor. you’ll always be my favourite. after tim riggins, of course.

marc gasol is 2015’s memphian of the yearmemphis keeps growing, but you can always see memphis.

hilarious christmas cards.

this is how i feel about getting to see all of my people next week.

some funny obituaries for silicon valley unicorns.

30 memoirs you have to read. twist my arm, why don’t you.

have you heard about instagram husband? this cracked me up.

the quora responses to what people should know about your country are great. this is a rabbit hole if ever there was one.

huffpo’s 18 best fiction books of the year. there goes all my hard-earned money.

downton abbey with american accents. allen leech’s is my favourite.

cartoons from this week’s issue of the new yorker.

a brief but powerful read about one woman’s personal history of violence.

a look inside the making of the revenant. i was on the fence about it before, but now i definitely think i’ll make time for it once it releases.

bringing back etiquette lessons for children. maybe it comes from having grown up in the south – and being the daughter of an effortlessly polite father – but there are few things that get on my nerves more than ill-mannered children.

photographs of frank sinatra to celebrate what would have been his 100th birthday.

it’s star wars week! to celebrate, here are 57 inspirational quotes from george lucas and the previous six movies. and also, here is jimmy fallon, the roots, and the cast of the movie doing an a cappella version of the medley. you’re welcome.

kiribati’s president talks about the impact climate change is having on his island nation. are there really still people in the world who don’t believe climate change is a thing?

king richard iii gives political advice to this year’s presidential candidates.

fuller house releases on netflix on february 26. i just got all the feels.

2015-12-17 23.04.28-1
dorothy is home! bangalore, india. december 2015.

in case you missed it:

all the reasons i am excited about my visit to memphis!


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