be awesome #35: ask people if they remember being a kid.

it’s nice to remember that everybody at one time used to be a little person, right?

  • yeah. it makes people not so scary

it’s been a little while since i took on one of the challenges from kid president, so we are back with number 35. it states, “ask people if they remember being a kid”, so i spent the last week asking everyone i interacted with – friends, family, students, some strangers – some of their favorite childhood memories.

i heard from one friend who was afraid of lizards and from another who once had her head stuck in a stair railing. another used to make up mystical planets complete with citizens, while yet another collected dead animals and whatever other items he could find. i learned about imaginary friends, childhood nicknames, and favorite television shows. i heard from one person who felt awkward as a child and used sports as a way to become an insider and from someone in a facebook group who used to sneakily read in bed after bedtime, which is something i definitely did for the better part of my elementary school years.

it was fun to learn a little bit about what people i know as adults were like as kids, and it was interesting where a few simple probing questions could lead a conversation. this mini-experiment may be finished, but i am going to continue asking this question of other people i meet.

what were you like as a kid?


5 thoughts on “be awesome #35: ask people if they remember being a kid.

  1. vikramrangaswami1204 says:

    I loved this question. I was so surprised by my answer, not only in its content but also how immediate and thoughtful and honest it was, especially for a question I had never before received. However, I realized it was something I have thought about and analyzed, more and more over the years, as I have become older and “kinda-wiser”, but most importantly, humbled. I no longer try to sugar coat my youth, as it gave me the start to becoming Awesome. For that, I am thankful. Well, there goes that humbleness. Hahaha. Thanks for this Veen, as always.


  2. Tim Blight says:

    I used to be very creative and imaginative as a child – I used to imagine the garden of the house that I grew up in as a country and different parts of the garden as different environments and cities. No wonder I grew up loving to travel!


    1. veena says:

      That’s amazing! It’s been very cool to hear what people remember from their childhoods and how it all connects to what they are doing now. Thank you for sharing!


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