[slightly delayed] midyear check-in // 2018.

normally i post this in mid-june so that i can check in on how i am doing with my goals for the year and see what i need to do to complete them by the end of december. clearly i am a little delayed on getting that done, but i still say better late than never.

here goes.

2018-02-03 11.22.19
millington, tennessee. february 2018.

go on one weekend day hike each month. i’m doing ok with this one. i missed out on april because i did not have a free weekend, and i skipped june and july because of work, but i just joined grivet outdoors’ new weekend hiking group so am hoping to maybe get an extra one or two as we move into fall depending on my schedule. it’s been fun to explore some new areas of memphis and to enjoy the fresh air every once in a while, and i am looking forward to meeting some new hiking buddies in the coming months. read: january 2018 hike // february 2018 hike // march 2018 hike

2018-04-01 04.31.23
kind of made me feel like i was in an indiana jones movie. peniche, portugal. april 2018.

cross off a few more of my 35before35 list. my biggest accomplishment of this year was definitely buying a house and settling in, but i also went “vegetarian” for one month and took advantage of my portugal trip to enjoy a week off the grid. i intended to cross off a few more, but such is life.

i was raised among books, making invisible friends in pages that seemed cast from dust and whose smell i carry on my hands to this day

re-read two favorite books. i flew through the shadow of the wind for either the third or fourth time in january, and it was as great as it had been in years previous. i discover new meanings and new inspirations each time i read it, and it was great to hang out with daniel and co once again. i’m still debating what my next re-read will be, so you’ll have to wait to find out what i decide.

Photo Mar 27, 14 30 23

a bear-veena reunion trip. after the house purchase, my highlight from the year so far was the week i spent in portugal with ellie and ben. it was so fun to spend a full week catching up and exploring a new place, and i am already looking forward to our ten year reunion trip in 2020.

complete three coursera and / or skillshare courses. 1 of 3 completed, with number 2 beginning next week. at the beginning of the year i did a health across the gender spectrum coursera course through stanford university, which was very educational and eye-opening. next week i start gender and sexuality: diversity and inclusion in the workplace, another coursera course this time through the university of pittsburgh. there are a number of us at work who are enrolled for this one, which should make for some interesting workplace conversation in the coming months. because both of these cover heavier topics, i think i’ll do something just for fun on skillshare to round out the year and learn a new skill. hand-lettering, perhaps? we shall see.

get a plant and keep it alive. this has yet to happen. i tried ordering a venus fly trap from amazon, but christina shot me down. stay tuned.

begin following kid president’s guide to being awesome. i’ve not managed as many of them as i would have liked, but i did attempt to be less busy, i got out there, and i asked a lot of people what they were like as kids. i am working on a yearlong one that i will write about at the end of the year, and i am hoping to cross at least 6 others off by december.

2018-02-06 19.33.02
delicious ethiopian goodness. memphis, tennessee. february 2018.

be vegetarian for one month. i technically ate seafood three or four times, but otherwise i stuck to my plan of being vegetarian for one month. it was a fun challenge, especially once my mother and brother joined in, and something i might take on again sometime in the future.

2018-07-21 17.13.21
a visit to the original gus’s. mason, tennessee. july 2018.

get started on my 40before40 list. i have already crossed off one, and i’ve not even published my list yet, so i am taking that as a good sign. keeping my fingers crossed it keeps up over the coming months.

2018-03-21 18.01.11
i bought a porch swing and a house came with it. memphis, tennessee. march 2018.

buy a house. check and check. it’s beautiful and cozy and mine.

i would say all in all it is coming together quite well. here’s hoping it keeps up over the second half of the year.


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