35before35: the final look.

it’s hard to believe, but here we are with the final 35before35 post. i did not complete my list, but i think i did pretty well, and a few of the things i didn’t get to will be rolled over into my upcoming 40before40 list [you knew it was happening].

below is the final tally of what i accomplished, with a few notes next to things i didn’t.

  1. go to a packers game at lambeau field.
  2. visit one new country each year[sri lanka in 2015; malaysia + cambodia in 2016; portugal in 2018]
  3. be vegetarian for one month.
  4. complete the st jude half marathon.
  5. see a show on broadway.
  6. attend the candlelight vigil at graceland.
  7. treat myself to a proper spa day.
  8. buy a house.
  9. take a spontaneous trip.
  10. try at least 2 new foods.
  11. learn to [properly] drive a stick shift.
  12. visit a new place in india[pondicherry + mussoorie]
  13. drive along the scottish, welsh, and / or irish coastlines.
  14. take a cross-country train journey.
  15. spend an entire weekend watching the star wars, indiana jones, and the godfather trilogies.
  16. see a lifelong favorite in concert.
  17. go unplugged and off the grid for one week.
  18. take a cooking class.
  19. go on a blind date.
  20. publish a piece of writing.
  21. pay for a stranger’s meal.
  22. drive the pacific coast highway.
  23. take a new-to-me fitness class. [we just joined the kroc, so hopefully i’ll get to this one soon]
  24. cross the 850-mile mark on the nike+ running app. [made it to 810, which i’m pretty proud of]
  25. host a party.
  26. see a ballet.
  27. join an adult sports team.
  28. go ice skating at rockefeller center.

i’m pretty proud of how much i crossed off. here’s to the next list!


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