35before35: buy a house!

2018-03-21 18.01.11
i bought a porch swing and a house came with it. memphis, tennessee. march 2018.

my biggest goal for this year was to buy a house, and i am so happy to say i can check this off my list!

sometime late last spring i decided that i was ready to put down some roots and invest in a home of my own. i let it simmer for a little while, mostly because it was the most long-term thought i had ever had. years of round-the-world moves had me wondering a bit if i would ever “settle down” in one place, but the idea slowly formed in my head once i came back in 2016.

last fall i looked at a few houses, but nothing ever materialized. i missed out on a few by days. some were decent but had some eccentricities that just didn’t make sense. others had 3 bedrooms but only 1 bathroom and no logical place to put a second one. one was downright confusing.

but as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait.

in early february christina saw a listing on zillow for a 2-bed, 2-bath house in a neighborhood i really like. the pictures looked nice, the kitchen was updated and the bedrooms and bathrooms looked great. i was sure there would be something major wrong with it, but i called the next day and set up a visit.

it turned out to be almost exactly what i was looking for. the roof is only a few years old, the kitchen and bathrooms were updated last year, there’s a beautiful front porch with an amazing swing, and it’s walking distance to some of my favorite memphis restaurants.

i put in a bid, and here we are, roughly 6 weeks later, and it is mine. we had a few repairs done, we closed last week, and christina and i moved in last friday. it was a little bit crazy, moving 36 hours before a weeklong trip to portugal, but it was all worth it. we got all the furniture in, we made a lot of headway on the kitchen, and the rest of it is slowly coming together.

it feels so nice to have this process behind me and to know that when i come home next week, i will be coming back to my home. and then i’ll spend the rest of my life on that porch swing.


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