saying farewell for now to memphis.

after 5.5 years of being back in memphis, it is time for a new adventure. as of this afternoon my car has been packed up, and whatever did not fit has either been sold or given away. i am staying at my parents’ house for a few nights and will head out of town on saturday morning to make a few stops along the way to my new city.

this is very much a bittersweet move. i am so ready to be somewhere new and to experience everything that comes with living in and navigating a new place, but there are many things that i will miss about this city. my lovely house and that awesome porch swing. being so close to my parents and brother. grizzlies games and orpheum shows. runs along the river and through my favorite parks. the food and my many friends at my various favorite restaurants. the incredible friendships i have cultivated over nearly 22 years.

this is an amazing city full of heart and grit, and i am so lucky to be able to claim it as one of my homes.


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