easing my way into running again.

in all the years since i first started running, i’ve taken lots of breaks. sometimes because of weather, sometimes because i didn’t have good access to safe running paths, sometimes because i was lazy. whatever the reason, it was almost always my choice.

that is, until last year.

as i wrote last year, i finally saw a podiatrist for some ongoing foot and ankle issues i was experiencing, and his first directive was that i had to stop running and give myself time to heal. it was the first time i had ever been told i couldn’t run, and i struggled. i got the go ahead to ease myself back into it last fall, but for some reason i couldn’t take that first step.

and then one day a few weeks ago i decided to go for a run. it was cold outside but sunny, so i bundled up and promised myself i’d go for 10 minutes. nothing earth-shattering, nothing too long or too fast. 10 minutes. that’s all.

and it felt good. my feet hurt when i first switched from running to walking at the end, but after that the pain went away. the following week i decided to try it again, again sticking to only 10 minutes. same result.

i’ve since done a few more 10ish minute runs [about the length of 3 songs, so sometimes i go a little over], and i’m feeling pretty good. my new insoles seem to be doing the trick, and it feels good to move my body in that way again. i have a long way to go before i am ready for a 5k, but i’ll get there.

for now i want to focus on doing this one thing – running for 10 minutes – for a little while longer and slowly finding the joy in running again.


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