reading roundup // october 2017.

i only made it through one complete book in october*, but seeing as how it is a 900+ page book, i’m going to be ok with that.

the shadow rising by robert jordan. this is the fourth book in jordan’s wheel of time series and one that has taken me a long time to read. i was first introduced to this series by someone i cared deeply for in 2008; that relationship eventually ended, but the series stuck with me. i read the second and third books while i was in nepal in 2012, but for a number of reasons i never made much headway with the fourth book. when i discovered that vince is a fan and owns most of the books, i asked to borrow the ones i’ve not read. before i knew it, i had five gigantic paperback volumes at my house, and i decided it was time to get started. this book picks up where the third one ended and continues the adventures of rand, mat, perrin, and their companions. as you would expect with a 980-page book, some chapters went really fast while others took longer, and it took me a little while to refresh my memory and remember particulars [thank goodness for that glossary in the back], but i am glad i decided to get back into it. i’m going to need a break before moving on to book 5, but i can definitely say it won’t be another five years before i get around to it.

currently reading: about to start celeste ng’s little fires everywhere, which i have been excited about from the day i heard she had written a new book.

have you read anything good lately? i was so focused on the shadow rising that i don’t even know what new books have come out.


*i technically still have 50 pages to go, but it will be finished before the day is out, so i’m counting it.

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