veen on the road: 3 days in baltimore.

a week after i got back from california i headed out to baltimore for three days. i have been wanting to visit ever since borg and andy moved five years ago, but the timing never worked out between our various schedules. when jane moved in january, however, i made a vow to myself that i would make a trip before the year was out.

i checked the hopkins field hockey schedule as soon as it came out, managed to confirm a weekend that borg and andy would be around as well, and booked my tickets. what followed was a fantastic long weekend with three people i absolutely adore, and i enjoyed every single moment i was in town.

below are some highlights:

2017-09-09 17.14.29
watching some hopkins hockey. baltimore, maryland. september 2017.

two jhu field hockey games. i purposely chose a weekend that hopkins had home field hockey games so that i could support jane and see her in action. we had gorgeous weather for games on both saturday and sunday, and it was fun to cheer on the jays and pretend any of us knew what was happening.

2017-09-10 19.02.22
baltimore’s got some views. baltimore, maryland. september 2017.
2017-09-10 19.02.29
i’m a sucker for sunsets over the water. baltimore, maryland. september 2017.

hanging out at the sandlot. one of jane’s favorite baltimore discoveries has been the sandlot, and we all headed there on sunday evening. the sandlot is right on the baltimore harbor and has a little bit of everything: sand with beach chairs and umbrellas, benches and picnic tables, comfy couches with curtains blowing in the wind, games to play, and much more. we enjoyed some snacks and some drinks and the great weather and were treated to a fabulous sunset on our way out.

2017-09-11 14.08.06
lunching it up at r haus. baltimore, maryland. september 2017.

a fun lunch at r haus. r haus is a food hall with great outdoor seating and some billiards tables. andy joined jane and me for lunch on monday, and we each got to choose from a wide selection of cuisines and options while prism snoozed under our table on the patio. i would love to have a place like this in downtown memphis.

2017-09-11 15.29.43
walks with prism. baltimore, maryland. september 2017.
2017-09-11 16.56.42
exploring with jane. baltimore, maryland. september 2017.
2017-09-11 15.37.16
enjoying the peace and the view. baltimore, maryland. september 2017.
2017-09-11 16.34.27
checking out the old mill building. baltimore, maryland. september 2017.

a nice stroll through the woods. my only request to jane was that we explore a trail on the monday afternoon that i was in town. there are so many trails within an hour of baltimore, and jane has been great about checking out a lot of them on her free weekends. we found one that she had not been to before and headed there with prism to have a wander. we mostly had the trail to ourselves, and we had a great time admiring the views and catching up over the last few months. it was so nice to have that relaxed time with jane and to just walk and chat and let prism roam free for a bit.

2017-09-11 22.34.23
so good to see these fun friends. baltimore, maryland. september 2017.

lots of good quality friend time. honestly the best part of the weekend was getting to catch up not just with jane, borg, and andy but also with meg, ryan, and regina as well. i never like it when friends move away, but it is nice that they all live so close to one another and so i can see so many of them all at once. it was great to go for walks and eat ice cream and share bourbon and watch sunsets and cheer at hockey games and go to the farmers’ market and really just have the opportunity to be a part of their lives for a few days. my favorite friends are the ones whose lives i can just seamlessly slip into, and these three definitely fit that bill.

baltimore was fun, and i am already hoping i can make it back next season.


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