42 of 52 / 2019: a run across the bridge.

on sunday i was supposed to run a half marathon in chattanooga. it was one of my goals for the year. i registered for it – and paid – back in the spring. it fell on the 6-year anniversary of my first half in san francisco. it seemed perfect. but did i go to chattanooga last weekend and run? no, i did not.

i started off strong, but as i hit the middle of summer i realized i didn’t actually want to run a half. i didn’t want to squeeze in 9- and 10-mile training runs when memphis temperatures were still hitting 90. the thought of training for a half made me not want to run.

and so i changed my mind. in mid-august i decided it wasn’t worth it. i wanted to go back to enjoying my runs. to looking forward to running as opposed to freaking out because it didn’t fit into my day. to remembering why i enjoy running in the first place.

and so on sunday, i went for a run. it was 2 miles instead of 13.1, and i only crossed one bridge instead of the four i would have crossed in chattanooga. but it was a beautiful day, i ran to a whole other state, and i had fun. because that’s the point.

2019-10-20 10.26.38
ran from one state to another and back. mississippi river. october 2019.
2019-10-20 10.26.53-1
never get tired of this view. mississippi river. october 2019.
2019-10-20 10.27.36
running for the kids. mississippi river. october 2019.

other highlights included: long shelby farms walk with riggs / phone chat with lauren and sam / dinner and drinks with alex and jeremy / mempho fest at shelby farms


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