eating my way around memphis.

over the summer i asked people to give me their top 5 places to eat in memphis. it didn’t matter what meal or what cuisine, or even if it was just for a snack. i got some great responses from all over the city, and i learned a lot about many of my friends in the process.

and then, because i love a good project, i mapped out all of the suggestions. i color coded it to keep track of places i’ve been and places i’ve either not tried or have not been to in a long time, and i am slowly working on checking out some of the new-to-me places.

progress is slow, because i’m also not trying to blow all of my money eating out, but my goal over the next few months is to branch out of my comfort zone as and when i can.

the map as it looks today is below; the dark blue pins are places i’ve been, and the light green are ones i need to get to.

and now i must ask: what are your top 5 places to eat in memphis?


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