41 of 52 / 2019: finally fall!

after months and months [and months!] of waiting, fall weather has finally arrived! in true memphis fashion we skipped the medium weather and went straight from 90 degrees to 60, but i think we are slowly figuring that out. all i know is my sweaters have been unpacked, my boots are ready to go, and i’ve spent more time outside in the last week than i think i did in the previous two months.

2019-10-11 13.49.55
finally time to break out the fleeces. memphis, tennessee. october 2019.
2019-10-11 18.54.19
snuggled up on a friday night. memphis, tennessee. october 2019.
2019-10-12 10.08.29
late morning runs along the river. memphis, tennessee. october 2019.

other highlights included: a fun day in little rock / friday lunch with my parents / roommate date to see dear evan hansen at the orpheum / finished my book!


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