loving lately: next big idea club.

i have mentioned my recent obsession with all things adam grant on here a few times in recent months. his podcast “work life with adam grant” is one of my must-listens, covering topics from turning frustration into power and how not to be an asshole at work. episodes are funny, informative, and so relevant, and i am working to implement a lot of the things i’ve learned into both my personal and professional lives.

in leaning into my obsession i have watched grant’s tedtalk about givers and takers multiple times, finding a new takeaway each time. i subscribed to his monthly newsletter, granted, and have been devouring the articles he includes. and through his website i learned about and signed up for the next big idea club, which is what brings me here today.

2019-09-30 19.45.06
my next big idea club collection. memphis, tennessee. september 2019.

next big idea club is created and curated by adam grant along with malcolm gladwell, susan cain, and daniel pink. once a quarter the four authors send out two hardback books that focus on different innovative ideas, but in addition members also receive access to an entire library of e-courses and video interviews with the authors of the books as well as a members-only facebook group that includes discussions with the curators. each book is accompanied by a reading guide that highlights the main takeaways and provides additional questions for discussion. and finally, 100% of the profits are donated directly to support the future project, a nonprofit that works to empower youth across the country.

2019-09-30 19.45.22
two of the reading guides, because the other two are currently on loan. memphis, tennessee. september 2019.

as you can tell, i am a big fan of the next big idea club. i’ve received two boxes and have read one book from each of the boxes. no hard feelings was one of the best books i’ve read this year, and biased provided great insight into small biases we all carry without even realizing it. my third box should be arriving soon and will include a bonus third book: a copy of malcolm gladwell’s new book talking to strangers. i can’t wait.

i cannot say enough good things about next big idea club. i have been talking nonstop about it to friends, coworkers, and even a few strangers. joining was the best gift i have given myself this year.


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