life lately // september 2016.

i knew things were really quiet over here last month, but i didn’t realize how quiet until i went to post my pictures from august and noticed that i hadn’t posted anything the entire month. truth be told, i was feeling a little uninspired in the writing department, so i decided it would be better to take a break rather than to write just for the sake of writing. the break was good, and i am now ready to get back on the writing train. in the meantime, here are a few quick life updates:

  1. i’m back in the states. for good. i only recently started saying that out loud, and this is the first time i’ve written it down, and boy, does it feel nice. it’s been so great to be back state-side, and i have loved having the opportunity to catch up with lots of people over the summer. i’m still figuring out a few things, but i’m likely not leaving the country again anytime soon.
  2. football season is here! one of the things i missed most this last year was sports, and i have been counting down the days to football season since i returned. college football opened last weekend, and all of my teams won, and the nfl returns this weekend. my mother and i bought season tickets for u of m games, and in november, i am going to a packers game in nashville with christina and my mother. excited does not even begin to cover it.
  3. i’m back on the reading train, too. the summer was slow for reading just as it was for writing. i had so many books and no idea where to start, so i finally had to just get myself something that i knew would be a quick read to find my motivation again. i’ve now read two books in the last 10 days and am happy to have rediscovered my reading mojo. there will be reviews of the best ones on the horizon soon.
  4. half marathon training is underway. we are just under 3 months away from the st jude memphis marathon weekend, so my training for the half marathon has begun in earnest. right now my brother is running with me, and it’s been great to have the company and the pace guidance. i am also fundraising again as a hero and am 20% of my way to my goal of raising $1500!
  5. september is going to be jam-packed. just the way i like it. the summer was up-and-down, with some weeks being busy and others seemingly endless, but now that fall is almost here things are picking up. september is especially going to be busy, with a dixie chicks concert in little rock [my inner teenager is bursting with excitement], my father’s birthday, a number of football games, cooper-young festival, dirty dancing at the orpheum, a few fun events at rhodes, the kickoff of the levitt shell’s fall concert series, and so much more. i can’t wait.

i hope life is treating all of you well, and i look forward to being a little more present on here in the coming weeks.


4 thoughts on “life lately // september 2016.

  1. Tim Blight says:

    Good to hear you’re settling back into the groove of things! I hope all keeps going well – I never adjusted to life back in Australia after having lived outside… It’s good to hear positive vibes 🙂


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