january 2018 hike: t.o. fuller state park.

one of my goals for this year is to go on one weekend day hike each month, so yesterday christina and i made our way to t.o. fuller state park in south memphis to do some exploring.

t.o. fuller was the first state park east of the mississippi open to african americans and is – in my opinion – largely overlooked by locals due to its location in the far southwest corner of memphis. i have heard of it on occasion but had never been there until yesterday, when we had the trails to ourselves.

our original plan was to hike the chucalissa loop, but the road leading up to the trail head was gated shut, so we ended up parking at the visitors’ center and then set out west from there.

the trail was a little muddy after our recent winter weather, but i am happy to report we both remained on our feet for the duration of our hike, and we had a great time. all told we hiked about 1.5 miles through the woods before circling back through the campground and the main road to the visitors’ center. if not for my work schedule, we would have continued on and completed the full 4ish mile loop.

it was so nice to spend a few hours in the woods and explore this new-to-us area. we have a long list of potential hikes for 2018, but we would both like to return later this year to finish the loop we started.


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