marvelous memphis: hiking at t.o. fuller state park.

a few weeks ago it occurred to me that i hadn’t been on a hike since january 1, so one friday afternoon i took myself over to t.o. fuller state park to explore the discovery loop.

back in 2018 christina and i hiked one half of the loop but weren’t able to finish it, and it’s always been something i wanted to go back and do. all told the loop is a little over 3.5 miles, and dillard and i determined that it is more hilly than the red loop at shelby forest [my garmin told me i’d climbed the equivalent of 59 hills!].

the trail crosses the road 5ish times and has more exposure to traffic noise than shelby forest, but the payoff is that it is far more secluded. in two visits i have crossed paths with a whopping one person, so if you’re seeking some solitude it’s a great place. while i love shelby forest, it gets crazy crowded some weekends; t.o. fuller gets far less foot traffic from what i can tell.

i’ve only ever been in january and march, so i definitely need to go back when the park is in full bloom to see what that looks like. in the meantime enjoy some of my favorite photos from my recent visit.


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