be awesome #4: be less busy, and be more awesome.

for my first crack at kid president’s guide to being awesome, i chose to begin with number 4. and when i say “i chose”, i really mean my brother chose, because i sent him a message to choose a number between 1 and 110 and he chose 4 because brett favre. so i opened my book to number 4 and read the following:

be less busy, and be more awesome.

and that is precisely what i did.

one of the things i have been talking about doing more of this year is taking time for myself. so many people talk about their “year of yes”, while i am over year talking about wanting a “year of no”. i want to make time for the people and things i really want to make time for and not feel obligated to do things i don’t want to do. this doesn’t mean i’m going to be a hermit; it simply means i am going to be honest with myself and with others about what i can take on and what i cannot.

i got off to a great start last week. what appeared to be a busy week at the outset with three grizzlies games and a trivia night turned into zero games and no trivia night. knowing that i would have to work the weekend, which would be the beginning of working seven days straight, i gave myself a break. i sold my grizz tickets and bailed on trivia and instead went for walks, read my book, listened to podcasts, had some nice phone chats, saw a movie, looked at a few houses, and spent a little time with my parents. it was precisely the week i wanted, and all i needed was a little encouragement to make it happen.

…you have more than 31.5 million seconds each year to make the world more awesome. you can’t be too busy for awesome. make every second count.

so thank you, kid president, for the push. i can’t wait to see what adventures the other 109 prompts will bring.


6 thoughts on “be awesome #4: be less busy, and be more awesome.

  1. Tim Blight says:

    That is, well, awesome! I had a revelation like this at the end of 2015 and made it my new years resolution for 2016, but unfortunately it didn’t end up happening… so in 2017 I committed to it, and I had one awesome year!! ❤ I wish you all the best on your journey this year!


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