veen in new york: six months already.

i suddenly realized last week that i have been a new yorker for six months already, and my brain has been struggling to process that ever since. in some ways it still feels like i arrived last week, and in some ways it feels like i’ve been here for years. it helps that i had an existing familiarity with the city when i arrived, but every time i’m able to give someone directions without checking my phone or i’m able to recommend a place to eat or something to do it gives me a little jolt of pride.

some of my favorite sisters. astoria, new york. march 2022.

in my post at the two month mark i shared the highlights of my time in the city so far, and all of those still stand. i love the walkability, i love the public transit, i love how often fun people pass through, i love how there is something for every mood and occasion, i love my people, and i love the ease of accessibility to other places.

fantastic show. new york, new york. april 2022.

yes, occasionally it is exhausting, especially when all you want is to get home and you have to wait 20 minutes in an airless subway station for your train. yes, the summer is brutal and it makes you never want to venture outdoors. yes, it is expensive and you have to be careful about what you say yes to or else you’ll spend your entire paycheck before it even hits your bank account.

walking the pier. new york, new york. june 2022.

and also. you can stumble upon a street festival any day of the week. you can find delicious food for pennies on the dollar. you can remind your parents what a great city this is. you can decide to be a flaneur and wind up walking four miles without even noticing because you’re caught up in conversation and in watching the city unfold around you.

my favorite. new york, new york. june 2022.

do i think i’ll live here forever? who knows. we all know me and my fear of commitment well. but am i really glad i’m here right now? absolutely. i’m grateful to have found a job i enjoy at an organization that will support my ongoing growth and development. i’m grateful for an incredible housing situation that i still cannot believe i lucked into. i’m grateful for the friends i had, for the friends i inherited, and for the friends i’ve made on my own.

early birthday picnic in the park. new york, new york. june 2022.

i have no idea what the next six months and beyond will bring, but i am very much looking forward to the journey.


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