veen on the road: a long weekend in boston.

when i told lauren and sam about my move to new york, their exclamations of excitement were quickly followed by an invitation to boston the first weekend in march. the grizzlies would be in town playing the celtics, and i should get a ticket and come to town for the game.

it was one of the easiest yeses i’ve ever said.

i decided to take advantage of my flexibility and drive to boston, allowing me to choose my arrival and departure times and offering extra time with my people.

here are all of my highlights from my recent trip!

grizz game.

we might not have won, but it was so fun to watch the grizzlies in an arena other than the forum and to be part of the minority cheering for the visiting team. also ja morant had 38 points and some great plays, and we had a blast.

walking the freedom trail.

i had a tourist day on friday and walked the freedom trail in reverse from copp’s hill to boston common. i downloaded an audio tour so that i could listen to little history snippets about each spot along the tour, and it was a fun way to spend my day. i also had a delicious lunch at vinoteca di monica in the north end, and when i finished my tour i enjoyed a stroll along commonwealth avenue and newbury street.

dinner with shelton and family.

shelton and scott have been living in boston for 6 years and now have two lovely babies, so on friday evening i made my way to their house to catch up with them for a few hours and have dinner. it was such a fun night and made my heart very happy.

hufflepuffs for life. boston, massachusetts. march 2022.

a harry potter-themed birthday party.

one of lauren and sam’s friends was throwing his fiancé a semi-surprise harry potter-themed 30th birthday party on saturday, and they very generously invited me to tag along. i loved meeting some of their friends and sharing my hp knowledge, and when i returned in the evening sam and i won the finals of quidditch pong.

heart is happy and full. brookline, massachusetts. march 2022.

dinner with sastri and nancy.

i snuck out of the party for a few hours on saturday to have an early dinner with sastri and nancy. i hadn’t seen sastri since fall 2014 [unacceptable] and had never met nancy in person, so our reunion was long overdue and so much fun. we had an incredible meal at prairie fire in brookline, and it was wonderful to spend those few hours with them. i have missed having sastri-time these last few years, and that dinner energized me so much.

a wander through cambridge.

after a fabulous brunch at beehive in the south end on sunday morning, lauren, sam, and i took ourselves on a wander through cambridge. i got to see sam’s graduate school and their old apartment building and some of their old cambridge haunts. it was great to digest my food before my drive back to new york, and it was fun to see all the places i would have seen had i been able to make that april 2020 visit.

love these friends. boston, massachusetts. march 2022.

fun times with lauren and sam.

more than anything, the highlight of my visit was getting to spend so much time with lauren and sam and to become part of their lives for a few days. i loved seeing the life they are creating for themselves, and i am excited to be living so close to them. here’s to many more visits in the years to come.


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