veen in new york: my first visitors.

one thing i didn’t mention in my recent post about why i moved to new york but that i am excited about is the prospect of visitors. i’ve had a few friends visit me in memphis, but it’s more difficult to get to and isn’t always on people’s radars. a city like new york is always going to draw people in, and sometimes they are here for other reasons and i will get to benefit.

recently i hosted my first visitors since moving, and it was so fun to have them here.

almost as soon as i told kevin about my move, he asked me how soon he could come visit. he arrived the morning of the 16th and stayed until the 21st, and it was such fun having him here. it was his first visit to the city, and he did quite a bit while he was here. we enjoyed an adventure day in brighton beach and coney island, we ate a lot, and we wandered a good deal of manhattan, and in addition he did some museum-hopping, went to a nets game, and met up with a few other friends as well.

and while kevin was in town, chrystal stopped in for one night. she spoke at a panel in connecticut and decided to tack on a quick 24 hours in new york to her trip. i picked her up from the train station and we went to chinatown for dinner [highly recommend the golden unicorn] before heading back to queens. we wound up at the sparrow tavern, and one drink plus some good conversation with our bartender turned into five drinks and i’m pretty sure we shut the place down. and then on sunday we had bagels and people-watched at new york city bagel and coffee house before hitting up burgerology to watch various basketball games and soccer matches. and then we had another quick drink at the sparrow before chrystal left for the airport.

i definitely needed a full day to recover from the whirlwind of having both of them in town, but i also wouldn’t trade it for anything. a few more friends have visits in the planning, and i love being here to show them around this city i am now lucky enough to call home.


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