veen in new york: making new friends.

making friends as an adult is difficult, and even more so when you move to a new city while there’s still an ongoing pandemic. i am incredibly lucky to have an existing network in new york of friends and family and to have already enjoyed a jam-packed few weeks of dinners and events and visitors, but part of my desire to move here was to meet new people and expand my networks.

sunset view from my neighborhood park. astoria, new york. march 2022.

so far i am cautiously optimistic that it is going well, and i hope these next few weeks will continue on that trajectory. i have made one new friend already and have been introduced via other friends to two more potential new friends who i will be meeting soon. and this weekend i am attending a new book club gathering with high hopes for meeting some cool new people. obviously not everyone will be someone i hang out with on a regular basis – we all already have busy lives – but it has been fun to get to know some new people and have some new conversations.

i love a good boardwalk stroll. brooklyn, new york. february 2022.

the prospect of so many possible new friends has made the transition so smooth thus far, and i look forward to seeing how it continues in the next few months.


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