when mama and papa swami come to town.

my parents came to visit, and we had a great time eating our way around the city and catching up with lots of people.

we made sure my father got his bheja fry and my mother got her masala dosa. we had dinner with one of my father’s med school friends and his wife and son. we had another dinner with my aunt, uncle, sarita, chris, and baby kai. and we closed out the visit with dinner with my nyc friends.

it was so nice having them in town. it was my first time seeing them since i left memphis at the end of january, and it was their first visit to the city in ~30 years. they explored long island city while i worked, and we spent our evenings traversing the city by subway. they’re practically new york experts at this point, and i am excited to have them back again soon.

below are many photos commemorating their visit, if you’d like to see.


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