reading roundup // january 2018.

welcome to a new year of reading! i plan on tackling some longer books that have been languishing on my shelves and in my kindle for a few years, so my numbers might not be as high in 2018 as they have been in years past, but i am excited for what is to come.

a few of my reading goals for this year:

  • read at least two more of the wheel of time books
  • read book three in the neapolitan series
  • read the third book in maya angelou’s autobiography series
  • re-read two longtime favorites
  • start reading award winners from my lifetime
  • half of my reads should be by authors of color, preferably women
  • swap books with friends instead of buying new ones

‘we all fall in the shit many times during our lives. the trick is pulling ourselves out again’

the heart’s invisible furies by john boyne. this book surprised me in so many ways. my book of the month selection from august 2017, the heart’s invisible furies spans nearly 70 years in the life of cyril avery, one of the more complex characters i have come across in recent years. cyril – and the book itself – runs the gamut from lovable to horrific to terrifying to hilarious. it is a long read but is absolutely worth it // 4.5 stars

this is a world of shadows, daniel, and magic is a rare asset.

the shadow of the wind by carlos ruiz zafón. this is one of my all-time top 10 reads, and each time i read it i discover something new. the shadow of the wind is full of intrigue, mystery, romance, heartbreak, family, loyalty, literature, hatred, envy, and everything in-between. set in post-civil war barcelona, daniel’s journey to learn about the mysterious author julián carax is one that continues to draw me in. i can never hold on to my copies of this, because even before i finish it i am thinking of who i can share it with next, but i will continue to buy and re-read this one for a long time to come // 5 stars

currently reading: just getting started with a wrinkle in time, which i have never read, after which i am tackling the fires of heaven, book 5 in the wheel of time series.

how is your 2018 reading coming along? what do i need to add to my list?


3 thoughts on “reading roundup // january 2018.

    1. veena says:

      It sounded interesting to me, but I was honestly blown away by how much I got into it and how quickly I finished it. I would love to know what you think once you’ve finished! Thanks for commenting 🙂

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