india travels: taking the farewell tour through bombay.

my previous two visits to bombay, last may and this past february, were both for work, so i knew i wanted a more leisurely visit before i left india. i wanted to have a little more time for lunches and dinners with friends, and i wanted to just enjoy the city that i love so much.

as luck would have it, it worked out for me to go straight to bombay from se asia. almost everyone i wanted to see was in town during that time, priyanka and deboo had flexible schedules, and reality announced their 3rd midnight bicycle tour for the weekend i was to be in town. it was perfect timing, and i had a blast as always. below are some highlights.

lots of quality time with priyanka and deboo. these two are just so amazing, and i was so happy to not only stay with them again but to get to spend so much time just lounging around and chatting. i had no agenda, and i managed to catch them during a light time in their schedules, so we were able to chat and laugh and eat and enjoy one another’s company.

a night out at toto’s. toto’s is my favourite bombay bar, and every time i visit the city i tell everyone to join me there for a night of drinking. the staff there love me, the drinks are affordable, and i have dreams about their kheema pav. we managed to assemble quite the motley crew and drank and ate and laughed to our hearts’ content.

reality’s midnight bicycle tour. i am a huge fan of reality tours & travel – and their sister ngo, reality gives – and i have been wanting to do one of their midnight bicycle tours since steph first designed them. they only have them once or twice a year, so i missed the first two, but as luck would have it i got a notification while i was travelling that they were doing their third tour while i was in town. i immediately conned deboo, akshathaa, and karno into joining me for the ride, we got a spot for anandi as well, and we had a great time. we began in colaba at 12.30am and cycled all around south bombay, eventually winding up at the worli fort for an amazing sunrise.

the happiest man in bombay and hillary’s number one fan. bombay, india. may 2016.

a lunch at britannia. pc and i took ourselves on a lunch date to britannia in south bombay on my last day in town. i wanted to have some parsi food , and pc had an errand to run in colaba, so the timing worked out well. we had a lovely conversation with boman uncle, one of the coolest old men i’ve ever met, and that berry pulav was delicious.

loved finding this on one of the trains. bombay, india. may 2016.

i love that island city something crazy.


6 thoughts on “india travels: taking the farewell tour through bombay.

  1. Tim Blight says:

    Awww it’s been great to follow your travels and writings while you’re in India! Love that pic with the “Veena World” picture! I’m personally not a fan of Mumbai, but I know lots of people who are. I know that feeling of the “farewell tour” very well.


    1. veena lives her life. says:

      Thanks for the comment! Bombay definitely takes a little while to grow on you, but I have a great community there and absolutely love the city. There are a few more “farewell tour” posts coming up, so be on the lookout!


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