marvelous memphis: a farewell tour of sorts.

as i mentioned at the end of january, my big goal for 2021 is to switch jobs and cities. i am deep in the process of reaching out to contacts and applying to jobs, and there is no way of knowing what my timeline for this change will be, but i have already given my notice at work and am beginning to plan out how i want to spend my final months in memphis.

my “final farewell” [as i always call them even though they are never “final”] tour is going to look a lot different than the tours of the past. for one, we are very tentatively emerging from an ongoing global pandemic, so outings and gatherings and get togethers are very limited. i am continuing to be cautious about my interactions with others, so this farewell tour is not going to include pub crawls and big meals at restaurants. and for two, this is by no means a final goodbye. my parents still live here, i still have a number of close friends here, and i will likely still own a home here. i will be back for regular visits, but i can’t predict whether or not i’ll live here long-term again.

i do, however, still want to honor all that this city has given me over the last 4.5 years and really over the last 20. i’ve spent a lot of formative time exploring the streets of memphis and getting to know its people. over these next few months i hope you will indulge me as i share some of my favorite places, meals, and memories from my most recent life here and wax nostalgic about all that i will miss. i don’t yet know what form this is going to take or how often i’ll share, but that’s part of the adventure.

stay tuned for my virtual farewell tour, because what’s more 2020/2021 than that?


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