book number twelve of 2015: number the stars [lois lowry].

in the last few years i have enjoyed re-visiting some of the books i read in school. a few years ago i re-read the borrowers, which i loved, and just a few months ago i took a new turn through to kill a mockingbird. i have loved the little trip down memory lane, and i have also enjoyed seeing how differently i see some of these stories as an adult rather than as a child or adolescent.

my most recent foray was a re-read of lois lowry’s childhood classic number the stars. i remember being obsessed with this book around 4th or 5th grade, and in truth i still am. it’s such a wonderful story and has such a great message for young kids, and i cannot wait to read it with all of my friends’ children when they are a little older.

this wonderful story of annemarie and her family living in nazi-occupied copenhagen during world war ii is a simple, beautiful story of friendship, loyalty, and doing the right thing even under the toughest circumstances. when the nazis begin relocating danish jews from their homes, annemarie and her parents step up to help their friends the rosens despite the incredible risks it poses to their own lives.

annemarie’s story is loosely based on the childhood of one of lowry’s friends, and throughout the book people are repeatedly asking annemarie if she can be brave even when she is afraid. as annemarie struggles with that question in the book, so too does the reader have to look within for their own answer to the question. we all automatically want to say yes, but even as an adult i don’t know if i would have the courage to do what is asked of annemarie.

i loved this book just as much at the age of 31 as i did when i was 9. i remember it being a fast read, but i never expected to finish it in 4 hours like i did this time around. i quite simply could not put it down, and with each page my own memories of reading this as a child came rushing back.

i’m so glad i decided to explore this book once more, and i can’t wait to pick up another classic in the coming months.

my goodreads rating: 5 out of 5 // average rating is 4.08.

crossing off the popsugar reading list: a book you can finish in a day.

next up: already almost finished with what i know now – letters to my younger self. really liking it so far and looking forward to finishing it soon.

have you read number the stars or re-read any of your childhood favourites as an adult? i’d love to hear about your experience!


6 thoughts on “book number twelve of 2015: number the stars [lois lowry].

  1. 36viewsofblackmountain says:

    A few years ago while I was working at a library I saw a book from my childhood in a box ready to go to a second-hand book sale. I bought it on the spot – it was Cynthia Voight’s ‘Homecoming’. I remember reading it over and over as a child, and as an adult reading it again the strong messages of self-reliance, determination and survival were still inspiring. Great post, thanks!


    1. veen83 says:

      What a great story about rediscovering one of your favourites! Isn’t it great how those messages stay the same regardless of how old you are? Thanks so much for sharing and for you kind words about my post! xx


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