weekly roundup 17 // 2015.

weekend outlook:

a long run on saturday morning. some long-term planning and plotting. a lot of reading. hopefully a drink or two. pretty low-key and under the radar, just the way i like it.

my favourite photo from the week:

one of my favourite places in the world. coorg, india. june 2015.
one of my favourite places in the world. coorg, india. june 2015.

interesting things from around the interwebs:

current and former nba stars reading mean tweets just made my night.

really cool interview with andrew stanbridge, a photographer and journalist who has spent the last three years covering an organization in myanmar called girls determined. a great read, and what sounds like a really interesting organization.

13 things not to say to a bangalorean. yes to all of these.

loved being included in amrita’s collaborative post on the best travel apps out there. which ones are your favourites?

incredible photographs of borders from around the world.

7 ways to give back without donating money. especially good for those of us who are currently a little strapped for cash.

the single biggest reason why startups succeed, according to bill gross. do you agree with him?

satisfying arrangements of everyday objects. i feel so at ease after seeing these photographs.

the new tumblr 2 kinds of people is pretty amazing.

i have been to 9.5 of dreamplango’s 30 places to visit in your 30s [i went straight from the airport to the train station in rome, so it doesn’t reeeeeeally count]. most of the places are ones i want to visit anyway, so here’s hoping i can get to them in the next 8 years! how many have you been to?

what do you think of gomowgli’s map of must-see places in india? looking at it makes my feet itchy again…

in case you missed it:

a fun day spent climbing savandurga and learning about the wildlife who hang out there.


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