friday check in: what animated character do you relate to?

the friday check ins are fewer and farther between this year as i focus on other things, but i am continuing to send one a month or so as the mood strikes. last week’s question was a fun one, and i thought i’d share the results with you.

what animated character do you relate to, and why?

my answer to this has changed over the years – i was first asked it when i was a sophomore in college – but for the past few years the answer has been moana. i am always looking to fly the coop and set off for unknown adventures, and i love being on or near the water. also i hope to be as fearless as she is.

and my friend’s responses:

  • maggie: robin hood, because he’s a hot fox and she was simultaneously in love with him and wanted to be him
  • dillard: the tootsie roll pop owl
  • rich: the grape ape [i admittedly had to look this one up]
  • pat turns: foghorn leghorn, because obviously
  • chris: one of the rescue rangers, because of their sense of adventure [upon further consideration we realized his group of guys is the entire crew of rescue rangers and i feel good about that comparison]
  • patrick: bob from bob’s burgers, a fellow normal, reasonable dude in a sea of insane shenanigans
  • teal: the avatar, because she feels like an old soul in a young body
  • nick: chicken joe from surf’s up because sometimes you’re just out of place and time. plus, according to nick, chicken joe is also from wisconsin
  • jen: goofy, because she is 🙂
  • nate: george jetson, because there’s always family stuff going on and he is always flying around everywhere
  • jesse: shrek, for reasons she will share in the future
  • caitlin: also shrek. her reasoning is that she is similarly protective of her swamp
  • connor: fred from scooby doo, because he likes order and is good at coming up with plans.
  • brandon: “the lady from frozen” aka elsa, because she had to lock herself away from people to keep herself from hurting them. i pointed out they are both also very misunderstood, which i think he liked

i am always on the hunt for new questions, so let me know if you have any suggestions!


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