friday check in | 2020 at a glance.

in mid-february last year i decided to start a weekly check in with various friend groups. it was mostly a way to keep in touch with people, to know that no matter what i would have weekly contact with people i hold near and dear who are spread across the globe.

i started out with a question to a few text threads – what is the best thing you have read so far in 2020? – and enjoyed the responses so much that i cast the net a little wider as each week went by. i initiated most of the queries, but every once in a while someone else would pose a question and i would share it around to the others.

i didn’t realize when i started this that we were heading into a global pandemic and would be quarantined in our homes for the better part of the spring, and having this regular connection made that time so much more bearable for me. it was a bright spot to look forward to during weeks that were sometimes otherwise difficult to distinguish from one another.

when it made sense i curated the responses into a blog post, and here you have all the questions posed along with links to the posts when they were published.


what is the best thing you have read so far in 2020?

what is one thing you love about yourself?


how do you recharge when your well is dry?


what is something from the week that made you smile?


what is your life motto?


what olympic sport would you participate in?


what have you learned this year?


what are some of your favorite songs? [note: the playlist that resulted from this question is pretty incredible]

what have you been reading, watching, and listening to lately?


what is advice you have received that has stuck with you?

what is an experience you would like to relive?

what do you want to learn?

what has brought you joy this week?

i fell off my posting schedule after september and i forgot to send questions a few of the fridays, but i’m really glad i started this project. in keeping realistic expectations, my goal for 2021 is to do a monthly question rather than a weekly one, which will hopefully spur my creativity as well.

and i must also send a huge shout out to my friends who put up with my whims and indulged my queries. i learned a lot about everyone, and i’m grateful for the honesty and vulnerability you all showed.


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