friday check in: what is one thing you love about yourself?

another week with a friday check in! this one was a really fun question to ask my friends. i had a meeting last thursday where we had to speak about what we love about ourselves for a full minute, and it was hard. i can speak for days on end on what i love about others, but having to talk about myself was really difficult. as soon as we finished i knew that would be my friday question for others.

what is one thing you love about yourself?

it was so fun to read people’s responses. people took a little longer to answer because they thought about it for a bit, and i loved ellie’s response before she shared her answer:

ooo this is a great question. and interestingly a difficult one to answer. which seems silly when you think about it. surely we should easily know what we love about ourselves.

and isn’t that the truth? shouldn’t we easily be able to answer what we love about ourselves? i’m glad we all had this opportunity to focus our attention inward for a moment.

and what great responses i received. a lot of people responded with loving how empathetic they are toward others. a few love their curiosity and drive to find answers and figure things out. others love their sense of adventure and desire to explore new places. and of course some love their sense of humor and ability to find a silver lining in any occasion.

it was interesting to me that even though i directly asked over 20 people and shared it on facebook and twitter as well, there were definitely some common themes in the responses. i seriously loved reading everyone’s answers.

and mine? i love that i don’t settle for the status quo.

until next time.


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