veen on the road: a ladies’ trip to cancún.

last fall lauren, jen, and i toyed with the idea of taking off on a trip together. it began completely theoretically, but the more we talked about it the more we realized we needed to make it happen. we looked at dates, found three days in january / february that miraculously worked for all of us, and started our research.

we decided we wanted somewhere warm where we could sit on a beach and chill for a few days. drink, swim, read, eat, repeat is what we wanted. we all love active trips that include a lot of sightseeing and exploring, but this was our opportunity to take it easy and recharge.

our final destination? cancún. below is how we spent our days.

2020-01-31 16.09.36
friends who travel. memphis, tennessee. january 2020.
2020-01-31 22.48.37
freshly landed! cancún, mexico. january 2020.

what we did.


we landed pretty late on friday night, and it was close to midnight by the time we rolled up to our hotel. we checked in, asked a few basic questions, and headed to our room to crash.


we woke to the sound of the waves crashing against the sand and were immediately gushing about how well we had each slept.

2020-02-01 08.10.39
that’s a pretty solid view. cancún, mexico. february 2020.

first order of business was breakfast followed by scoping out a spot on the beach. the westin has a number of palapas on their property, so we found one we liked, dragged a third chair over to it, and set up shop. i attempted a dip in the water, not realizing it was still shy of 9.30am, and came back quickly because the water was quite cold [it was also pretty cloudy at that point].

2020-02-01 09.09.12
scoping it out. cancún, mexico. february 2020.
2020-02-01 09.09.37
water baby in her element. cancún, mexico. february 2020.

we all knew we wanted to hit up the spa, so it was perfect timing when two people from the spa showed up to ask the beach-goers if they were interested in any treatments. jen and i each wanted massages, and lauren wanted a facial; there was a bit of back and forth with timings and the like, but we finally settled on a time for us to be at the spa.

our view. cancún, mexico. february 2020.

in the meantime we enjoyed a few cocktails, lauren and i finally determined the water was warm enough for a dip, and we wiled away the time alternating between reading and napping and chatting.

eventually we made our way over to the spa and got the lay of the land. first we hit up the sauna for 10 minutes, then the steam room for another 10, and finally the jacuzzi until it was time to get ready for our treatments. i joked to jen that we were probably getting a couples’ massage, and lo and behold we were ushered into the same room. we each laughed about it, and then as soon as our massages began we both forgot the other was in the room. it was so nice and relaxing, and i definitely fell asleep a few times.

we all showered at the spa and then went back to the beach club for happy hour. we were expecting a drink or two, but it was actually a ton of snacks [those cheese empanadas!] and as much prosecco, white wine, red wine, or beer as you could drink. we each chose prosecco and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

2020-02-01 19.54.39
give me all the snapper. cancún, mexico. february 2020.
better view, us or the sea? just kidding, i know it’s us. cancún, mexico. february 2020.

we had chosen the sea & stones restaurant at the main hotel for dinner, and we had a lovely time overlooking the sea, enjoying a bottle of wine, and digging into our food. the catch of the day was a whole snapper, and it was incredible. i ate that entire fish.

we were all pretty tired at that point and headed back to our room. lauren and jen were asleep by 10, and i read for another 20 minutes before calling it a night.


on sunday morning lauren and i hit up breakfast while jen went to the fitness center. when we finished eating we tried going to one of the pools that had lounge chairs in it but the water was too cold and we decided it wasn’t worth it; instead we again scoped out a spot on the beach and set up all of our chairs and tables and towels.

2020-02-02 09.13.20
the view from the pool was not bad. cancún, mexico. february 2020.

jen joined us after she had breakfast and changed, and we pretty much spent the hours of 10am-4pm glued to those chairs. the day alternated between sunny and cloudy, but it had been very windy the previous night and the water was quite choppy. i managed about 5 minutes in the sea before realizing i was better off on solid ground.

2020-02-02 13.06.53
so fun re-reading this. cancún, mexico. february 2020.
2020-02-02 13.51.13-1
love these gals. cancún, mexico. february 2020.

we lounged, we read, we drank, and we did nothing else. i walked with jen to the end of the beach to clamber on some rocks, and then i rejoined lauren while jen continued her walk along the beach. our pal juan kept the drinks coming, and we were both quite happy by the time 4pm rolled back around and we headed inside for the day’s happy hour.

2020-02-02 13.51.41
happy place. cancún, mexico. february 2020.

we killed happy hour and then headed up to our room to shower and change. once we were all ready we made our way over to the sports bar at the main hotel to see what their super bowl coverage was looking like. there were a lot of people in the restaurant to watch the game on the big screen, so we decided to see where else we could go. we were in the mood for a nicer dinner, so we stopped by the concierge desk to see what they suggested. cynthia told us about navios, a restaurant on the lagoon a 5-minute walk from the hotel. we were sold, and she called ahead to let them know we were coming.

2020-02-02 19.43.45
trying to be better at documenting that i went places. cancún, mexico. february 2020.
2020-02-02 19.59.26
lobster tacos for the win. cancún, mexico. february 2020.
2020-02-02 20.56.59-1
crazy hair, don’t care. cancún, mexico. february 2020.

and let me tell you, it was perfect. it was calm and quiet, the weather was beautiful, the ambience was great, and the food was delicious. since we were belatedly celebrating lauren’s birthday, we were treated to margaritas and dessert on the house. the soup we shared was great, and my lobster tacos and cilantro rice hit the spot.

because jen loves a good table shot. cancún, mexico. february 2020.

after dinner we leisurely strolled back to the hotel, stopped by to thank cynthia for her recommendation, and then watched the end of the football game. we got there with nine minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, so we got to watch all of the kansas city comeback. it was exactly how much of the game i wanted to watch, it was great to get to see that comeback, and it was fun to be around others who were super into it.

and then once the game was over, we were all ready for bed.


we got up early-ish on monday since we knew we had a short day. we hit up breakfast and set ourselves up under a palapa to read and enjoy our last bit of sun. again the water was a little cold and choppy, but i braved it for about 10 minutes since i knew it was my last opportunity.

2020-02-03 08.01.00
i could get used to waking up to this. cancún, mexico. february 2020.

lauren went up to shower a little before 11, and i followed soon after. jen stayed until i was showered and dressed and then came up as well. we quickly finished our packing, checked out of our room, and then made our way to the patio for a final round of drinks. we drank our fruity drinks, ate some nachos, and soaked up those final rays. at 1.15 it was time to head to the airport.

2020-02-03 08.01.08
views for days. cancún, mexico. february 2020.

where we stayed.

all three of us agreed we didn’t want an all-inclusive resort because they weren’t a good deal for us. we looked at a few airbnb options but realized pretty quickly our options for being on the beach were limited. in the end we found the perfect in-between: the westin resort & spa. it wasn’t outrageously expensive, and because of lauren’s member status we got to stay in the vip part of the resort plus got the complimentary breakfast + happy hour drinks and snacks. because of that we didn’t have huge lunches, so our biggest expenses were the spa and both dinners.

we wanted 2.5 days of rest and relaxation, and that is exactly what the westin provided for us. we left the property exactly once, for dinner on sunday, simply because we didn’t need to. we went to unwind and unplug and spend some time together, and that is what we did. thank you to the westin and to juan, vicente, cynthia, ana, fabian, elvis, pedro, and all the amazing staff who made us feel so welcome and who allowed us to crush vacation.

it was a short trip, but it was absolutely what we all needed. we went with no agenda outside of reading, eating, sleeping, drinking, swimming, and reveling in sunshine, and that is exactly what we accomplished. we each finished a book, we all slept a ton, and we ate and drank to our hearts’ content.

it is always a joy to discover you can travel with a friend, and i am grateful to have two new companions with whom i can explore the world.


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