friday check in: how do you recharge?

last week jessi wanted to pose our friday check in question because she had a pretty exhausting week and wanted to know our answers to the following:

how do you recharge when your well is dry?

it was interesting to read everyone’s responses. mine was getting outside for a walk or run or hike, reading on the futon, and cooking while listening to a podcast, and i loved seeing how many of my friends had the same or similar answers.

it was a lot of exercise and being active, cooking, enjoying the outdoors, journaling, meditating, re-establishing routines, reading, sleeping, and solo travel or general alone time. seemingly simple things that we let slide when we get busy or stressed or overwhelmed. and it is amazing how much we get thrown for a loop when we aren’t able to do these things that keep us fulfilled.

one thing i didn’t mention last week that i remembered today is sitting on my porch with a book and people-watching. our clocks changed over the weekend so it stays light longer now, and i love sitting out there after a day of work and watching the world pass by.

how do you recharge?


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