friday check in: what olympic sport would you participate in?

i have been struggling since summer conferences began to keep up with our weekly check ins, often sending the questions fairly late on saturdays when my brain has had a chance to recharge a bit. last week chris wilson came to the rescue and helped me out with a prompt so that we could actually pose the question on friday —

what olympic sport would you participate in?

so it’s only fitting that i share chris’ answers first: basketball or snowboarding

patrick: usa basketball or curling

brent: equestrian [patrick and i are still working on making this happen]

sarah: curling or figure skating [and if it’s pairs it’s with johnny weir]

corrinne: volleyball [indoor] or ice hockey

jane: curling or field hockey

jessi: softball / canoe slalom or luge / skeleton

dillard: speed skating or soccer

walshie: ice hockey or gymnastics

christina: figure skating

ali: figure skating

kendall: equestrian eventing

nate: basketball

jen: figure skating or swimming

chrystal: basketball or ice hockey

lauren: figure skating or gymnastics [and get that girl on a wheaties box!]

jeremy: luge or tennis

and for me it’s biathlon or heptathlon!


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