friday check in: what have you learned this year?

last week was the end of our summer conferences, which always has me feeling a little introspective, so i decided to lean into it for the week’s check in question:

what is something you have learned this year?

i loved reading people’s responses to this question. some kept it brief and others shared a lot, but regardless of length it gave so much great insight into how 2020 has shaped us. this has been a year of new challenges and setbacks, and i appreciated everyone taking a moment to step back and take stock of how it has impacted each of them. i won’t share their answers here because it’s a pretty personal question, but thank you to everyone who responded.

as for me, i’ve learned a few things. how much i need new spaces and mental stimulation to keep me motivated. that i’m not meant to be in front of a screen all day. how much reading centers me. how much physical activity and my mental health are connected. and that it’s time for a change.

i hope that as we continue to struggle with a pandemic and civil and social unrest that i continue to be able to recognize how much learning and growing i still have to do.


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