friday check in: what do you want to learn?

i love learning new things. whether it’s historical information or new hobbies or anything in between, there’s no limit to the amount of things in the world we can learn. i have plenty of things on my list that i’d still like to learn, so i decided to pose the question to my friends last week —

what is something you’d like to learn?

i have two main things on my list: how to do a cartwheel and how to speak another language [preferably spanish].

learning another language was a very popular choice with the others as well. spanish was definitely the most popular choice, but brent wants to re-learn chinese [he studied it in college] and brandon said he would like to learn coding.

hobbies were also very popular. musical instruments, singing, juggling, sewing, learning pottery, riding a unicycle, and finally conquering whistling.

and a personal favorite: corrinne wants to learn every hercules mulligan line from hamilton. i can’t wait for her to achieve this one.

what would you like to learn?


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