take me to the river.

whenever things feel heavy, i like to get outside. a run, a walk, a hike, even sitting on the porch and watching the world go by if that’s all i can get. fresh air and a little physical exertion always help me clear my thoughts and gather myself.

memphis sunrise. memphis, tennessee. april 2019.

and man was this weekend heavy. i always do my “long” runs [distance is relative] on sundays, and i alternate between the river and overton park. this weekend i needed the cool breeze and the calm of the water to parse through all my thoughts and feelings.

take me to the river. memphis, tennessee. may 2020.

that river has been a constant in my life through a lot. through childhood, through college, through adulthood. no matter where i’ve wandered, it is always there waiting for me when i come back. i’ve spent countless hours attending festivals, watching fireworks shows, having picnics, going for walks and runs, and enjoying sunsets along its banks.

favorite sunset spot. memphis, tennessee. july 2019.

regardless of where i go next, i appreciate knowing that the river will always be waiting for my return.


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