taking a day.

i am still processing all of the feelings i have about justice ginsburg’s death.

there’s the overwhelming grief that we have lost such a giant in the fight for equal protection under the law.

there’s the fear of what could happen in the next 45 days and beyond based on the results of the upcoming election.

there’s the frustration and anger of knowing that mitch mcconnell is going to fast track a vote on a new nominee after blocking president obama’s nomination of merrick garland back in 2016.

there’s the pain of knowing that even in her final days, when her body was failing and she knew her time was at an end, her greatest concern was holding on for our country because she knew how much we needed her.

i want to be her friend. little rock, arkansas. september 2019.

like i said, a lot of feelings. i’ll have a longer post later as i gather myself. for this weekend i am going to allow myself to lean into the grief while i make a plan of action.

she fought for us for so long. now it’s our turn.


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