friday check in: what is an experience you would like to relive?

i’ve been dreaming of adventures a lot recently and reminiscing about some of my most favorite ones, those that i want to keep locked in my memory forever. with that in mind, last week’s friday question came quite naturally:

what is an experience you would like to relive?

that time i jumped off a bridge. nepal. august 2012.

my answer was easy: bungee jumping. eight years ago jack and i jumped off a bridge in nepal, and it remains one of the most incredible days of my life. i would love to do it again.

when i posed the question to others, it was so fun to read through their answers. many mentioned studying abroad in undergrad and the once-in-a-lifetime experiences they were able to have as a result. others mentioned reliving their wedding or having had the opportunity to attend the olympics. a few brought up secret clubs or bars they had visited across the world. and finally there were first sightings of natural wonders and cliff jumping into the black sea and seeing the northern lights in norway.

i know i say often how much i enjoy learning new things about my friends through these questions, and it was no more evident that with last week’s question. my friends have done some really cool things, and i love getting these glimpses into the lives they have lived and the places they have been.

and now it’s your turn: what is an experience that you would like to relive?


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