some of my favorite recipes.

i don’t cook as often as i would like to, but i am forever bookmarking recipes and saving them for later. one of my goals for 2019 was to finally make some of the recipes i have been saving all these years and to pare down the list of things i’ll make ‘one day’.

i made a good dent in the bookmark list, deleting some i know i’ll never make and others that didn’t hit the mark, but of course i’ve added others that sound good and that i think i’ll eventually get around to. it’s a never-ending cycle, but today i would like to share with you some of the ones i’ve enjoyed the most this year.*

butter cauliflower bowls from damn delicious. chungah rhee of damn delicious has become one of my top go-tos when i’m trying to figure out what i want to cook, and her mash-up of indian, asian, italian, and mexican recipes have all been great. this one, her vegetarian take on indian butter chicken, is rich and creamy and so, so good. cauliflower is one of my favorite vegetables, and this gave me a new way to make it. i make my red rice instead of basmati, other times i’ll eat it with bread, and sometimes i’ll just drink it like a soup.

red curry lentils with sweet potatoes and spinach from nyt cooking. i honestly don’t have enough words to talk about how good this recipe by lidey heuck is. i tried it on a whim in january of this year and have seriously thought about making again every week since. it’s spicy without being overbearing and is really the perfect blend of flavors. it’s technically a main dish to be served with rice or naan or something of the like, but i skipped all of that and slurped it like soup. i shared bites with multiple people at work, and they unanimously raved about it. so, so good.

spicy honey butter carrot coins from craving for more by chrissy teigen. these are one of my favorite side dishes to make. they’re so quick and easy, and literally the only thing i ever have to buy are the carrots; everything else – the butter, the honey, the cayenne pepper – is already in my kitchen. i like to have this in small portions on the side of whatever else i’m eating throughout the week, and they also make a great snack.

salmon and broccoli and my stomach is happy. memphis, tennessee. february 2020.

5-ingredient salmon and broccoli from jenny rosenstrach via cup of jo. this is one of the easiest things to make and is so tasty.

full bangalore nostalgia happening. memphis, tennessee. april 2020.

ragi mudde from swasthi’s recipes. i discovered ragi mudde when i lived in bangalore. it’s a ball made out of ragi, a finger millet, and is great to eat with heavier gravies. it’s healthy and full of fiber, and i love that eating it is a little bit of an art form. because i get a lot of goat and chicken curry from curry bowl and hyderabad house, i’ll often make mudde to go with them. they take less that 10 minutes to make, and they make my meals so much better. not to mention they are a connection to a time and a place i remember so fondly.

beef chili + buttermilk biscuits from smitten kitchen. these are two separate recipes, but they complement each other so well. smitten kitchen is an incredible resource for recipes, and this is one of my favorites that i have made from it. the chili is enough to feed an army and is perfect for a gray, overcast winter day, and those biscuits are so light and fluffy and the absolute best thing to dunk in the chili.

spicy miso pasta for days. memphis, tennessee. may 2020.

spicy miso pasta from chrissy teigen. i cannot say enough good things about this pasta. it is so quick and easy to make, and it is incredibly tasty. i first made it in the spring, and i have had it either in my fridge or my freezer almost every week since.

instant pot chicken tortilla soup from damn delicious. this soup is so easy to make and packs in so much flavor. it makes a huge batch, so the first time i made it i took some out to my parents and brother and gave some to ali and they all loved it. planning to make it again this week!

there are many more i have enjoyed, but these are the ones i have repeated numerous times in the last 6 months and continue to love.

what recipes do you love? please send them my way!


*i’ve also been collecting cookbooks, so this list is a mix found in cookbooks and online.

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