retail review: urban ladder.

when i moved into my house in april, i had zero furniture or household items to my name. in the first week i purchased what i considered the essentials – fridge, washing machine, microwave, toaster, mattress, and pillows – and figured i would play it by ear before deciding what else i wanted.

when i began working primarily from home in june, i realized the need for a sofa, because sitting on a mattress on the floor was taking a toll on my back. when my parents came in august, my mother took pity on me and purchased a divan, a coffee table, and a chest of drawers for me. those tided me over for a few months while i mulled the idea of acquiring more.

as the months progressed, i realized i also needed a proper table, for working and for eating. i had been hearing good things about urban ladder for a while, so i decided to check out what they had on offer.

i fell into the black hole of their website for a few days, dreaming about reading chairs and bar carts and coat racks and all sorts of things i definitely don’t need to be spending money on right now. everything is made of such beautiful wood that i couldn’t look away, and it took me a few days to pull myself out of dreamland and actually purchase something.

2016-01-13 11.58.33
my very messy but well-loved dining table. bangalore, india. january 2016.

in the end i opted for an expandable dining table with six chairs, a bookshelf, and a shoe rack. all three came in a dark mahogany that very closely matches the furniture i already had, so it all fit in very nicely, and now my house actually looks like a home.

best of all, the urban ladder team delivered and assembled all three pieces, making my life very easy. the delivery team was very prompt, they were extremely professional, and they put everything together super fast.

it has been so nice to finally have a table and a shelf and a place to store my shoes, and whenever i decide it’s time to get anything else, i will definitely be checking out urban ladder first.

have you had any similarly awesome experiences with furniture buying? this was a first for me!


ps — the shoe rack is currently on sale, if you’re interested!

4 thoughts on “retail review: urban ladder.

    1. veena lives her life. says:

      I had a great experience! I am a big fan of online shopping, but this was my first furniture experience, and I was amazed at how quick and easy it was. And UL builds all of their furniture in-house, so the quality is great. Definitely give it a look next time you need anything — their collection is extensive! xx


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