finding motivation in unexpected places.

last week i revisited my old blog* to find the post about my bungee jumping adventure with jack and went down quite a rabbit hole.

i don’t often reread those old posts, but something caught my eye and then there was no stopping me. i mostly revisited my time in bombay and all the antics i got up to while i was there, but then i found my 1/2 marathon monday posts and dug in.

it’s been a long time since i read through all of my posts from my journey training for my first half marathon, and it was more fun than i expected it to be. it was also very empowering for me to read those recaps of 8-mile runs and 45-minute workouts and hill sprints and all the rest. obviously my body has changed in the last 7 years** and i have not attempted anything close to a half marathon since the end of 2016, but it was a great reminder of the things i am capable of when i put my mind to it.

i have three virtual runs coming up in the next three months, and these posts were exactly the motivation i didn’t even realize i needed.


*for those who don’t know, from december 2010-march 2015 i blogged on blogspot before switching over to wordpress. i left my archives there, so unless i am specifically looking for an old post i very rarely go back and read those posts. perhaps i should do it more often.

**i also didn’t have a full time job when training for that race, which contributed significantly to my dedication to the training plan

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