friday check in: what is your life motto?

last friday’s check in was quite an interesting one. i asked friends for their life mottos, and some of the answers were very revealing. without further ado, the responses to the question:

what is your life motto?

chris: ‘try your absolute best. then, the hell with it’

corrinne: ‘hey friends’

little brother alex: ‘zero fucks’

kendall: ‘take chances; you only regret the things you don’t do!’

christina: ‘teeth are sexy, so floss!’

jen had two: ‘humor makes human’ and ‘it is always impossible until it is done’

ali: ‘good enough’

chrystal: ‘what’s the worst that can happen’

walshie: ‘tan fat is way more attractive than pasty fat’

jane: ‘well behaved women seldom make history’

nate: ‘live every day like it’s the day you’ll be remembered for’

gelsey: ‘order is progress’

freddy: ‘i do what i can’

naureen: ‘curiosity is everything’

mrs jeannie: ‘it is what it is’

sastri: ‘do the thing!’

work wife alex: ‘be bold, be brief, be gone’

nick also shared two: ‘life’s short, so live it’ as well as ‘be cool’

brandon: ‘pursue ultimate truth, agitate comfort zones, and combat selfishness’

and finally, rob and dillard both shared mine, which all of you should know by heart at this point: ‘hydration is sexy’


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