friday check in: what brought you joy?

the last few weeks have been a lot. rbg’s passing. breonna taylor’s killers not being brought to justice. the nomination of amy coney barrett to the supreme court. there’s been a lot to be down or frustrated or even angry about, so i knew last week’s question needed to focus on something positive so i asked the following:

what has brought you joy this week?

i loved reading the responses! some people were able to visit family or friends, and one was even able to see and hug her mother for the first time in almost a year! others were able to get out of town for a weekend or have planned getaways coming up soon.

there were also articles and books and playlists that brought joy, including brené brown’s yacht rock playlist on spotify.

there was a mention of the new season of great british baking show releasing on netflix, and of course there was hamilton.

i had two that i mentioned in my initial message – getting to do a photo shoot with two of my local designers and finally trying out the new jewish deli in my neighborhood – but honestly, reading these responses is what brought me the most joy. it was great to read so much good after a week of a lot of bad.

what brought you joy last week?


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