february 2018 hike: meeman-shelby forest state park.

for february’s hike we ventured north of memphis to meeman-shelby forest state park in millington. there are multiple trails to choose from, so for this outing we opted for the roughly 4 mile woodland trail loop, which was perfect.

it was a crisp 40 degrees and sunny when we started on our way, and it was gorgeous. after reading some comments online, we chose to set out clockwise from the trail head, getting the worst of the hills out of the way at the beginning. for the next hour-and-a-half we meandered down and up stairs, around some trees, and over a few creeks.

it was a wonderful, refreshing hike, and a great way to kick off the month. i would love to do the 8 mile chickasaw bluff trail in the fall when the trees are full and the leaves are colorful, but for now i’ll be happy with our woodland trail outing.


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