veen on the road: a friends reunion in cleveland.

a few weekends ago dillard, jane, and i all converged on cleveland to spend a weekend with chrystal. it was the first time the four of us had such extended time together as a group, and we made the most of our 40ish hours together.

from searching out as many of the cleveland script signs as we could to stuffing our faces with delicious food to laughing over old and new shared memories, it was such a great weekend. now that we are scattered across four cities time like this is more precious than ever, and i am so glad we made this visit happen.

here are my top highlights from my trip, if you’d like to see.

so much delicious food.

chrystal has never steered me in the wrong direction when it comes to food, and this trip was no exception. we had amazing meals at saucy brew works, the treehouse, momocho, and presti’s bakery and enjoyed all the places tremendously. special shoutout to our servers at the treehouse [amanda] and momocho for being particularly awesome.

photo shoots at the cleveland script signs.

there are 6 cleveland script signs around the city, and we managed to find and take photos at four of them: tremont, edgewater park, north coast harbor near the rock hall, and the foundry [and dillard found the one at the airport when she left on sunday]. we had a blast climbing all over them and entertaining the people who took photos for us.

checking out the breweries.

the cleveland craft beer scene is legit, and we visited the saucy brew works and masthead brewing taprooms while in town. both places were spacious and inviting, both had extensive menus that looked and smelled delicious, and – best of all for me – both offered full bar options as well.

lots of great friend time.

the main purpose of the weekend was for the four of us to spend some quality time together, and it was such fun. we reminisced and laughed over hysterics dating back 20 years and made some great new memories as well. i’ll never forget slipping and sliding across the ice, our rite-aid adventures, exploring chrystal’s office, and so much more.

love this friend so much. cleveland, ohio. february 2022.

a bonus night with chrystal.

my sunday flight back to new york got cancelled, so i got a bonus night in cleveland with chrystal. we ordered in food and watched the super bowl together, and then chrystal very generously woke up at 3.45 on monday morning to get me to the airport for my 6am flight.

i loved returning to cleveland and getting to experience the city with some of my best friends. here’s to continued adventures in the years to come.


previous cleveland trip: 2020

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