what’s in store for 2023.

i’m switching things up this year. historically i have used this post to share my goals for the year, the things i hope to accomplish over the next 12 months. some years i do really well with my goals and other years i struggle, but always i have something toward which i am striving.

this year, however, i have decided to do something different. my general goals are what they always are: keep up with my fitness, spend less and save more, go on fun trips to new places, be there for my people. those have not changed. but i wasn’t feeling the inspiration i normally feel to write down specific goals and realized that’s fine. this is something i enjoyed doing for many years — and maybe it’s because i’m not feeling restless for the first time in a long while — but i didn’t feel the necessity for a goals post this year.

so instead of forcing myself to make up a bunch of arbitrary goals, this year i am using this post to share some things i am really excited for this year. it might only be january but it is already shaping up to be a busy and extremely fun year. there are still some dates to be finalized and details to be worked out, but i have a pretty good idea already of a few big trips and other fun happenings and am excited to share those here.

a trip to mexico city. kat, alex, lauren, jeremy, and i have been dreaming of a mexico city trip since our nyc adventures in 2020. we weren’t able to do it in 2021 and last year had a lot of life changes for all of us, so this year is our year. we’ll be heading down there at the end of march, and i am so excited both for the reunion and to explore a city that has been on my list for a long time.

running a half marathon. i got it into my head that i want to run another half marathon, and the nyc runs brooklyn half at the end of april caught my eye. the training will keep me active through the winter, and i’m going to use it as an early birthday celebration. wish me luck!

alex and danny’s wedding. i honestly can’t remember the last big wedding i attended [i think 2017?] so i am very much looking forward to dressing up and dancing and celebrating. their wedding is also in a part of new york state i’ve not yet visited, so i’m hoping to make a long weekend out of it and maybe get in a hike or some other exploration along the way.

turning 40! i’m still deciding how i want to ring in this milestone, and it’s fun to think this through and see how my plans change based on the day. some friends are going to come in town for the half marathon in april [including ellie all the way from london!] which will serve as an early celebration, and most likely on the actual day i’ll do what i love best: go for a run, read a good book, and enjoy a nice meal.

a greek excursion. lauren delery, jen, and i have likewise been talking about a trip to greece for at least three years, and we are finally making it happen. working around all three of our schedules is always a task, but we have this in our sights for early august and are planning a combination of time spent in athens as well as a few days spent island hopping. it’s been far too long since i last had a getaway with these two, and it is sure to be an entertaining adventure.

lauren and sam’s wedding. they’re doing it! lauren albright and sam are getting married this year! this is going to be such a fun celebration and also a great reunion opportunity, and again because it is happening close by i’m thinking about additional stops i can make on the way there or back. so pumped to celebrate these two.

clinton school 10 year reunion. that’s right, this year will mark 10 years since my class graduated from the clinton school. i will be attending reunion weekend anyway for my alumni board obligations, but i am hoping we can get a good group of classmates back to celebrate this milestone.

my 10th year participating as a st jude hero. this december will be my 10th year fundraising for st jude and participating in marathon weekend. i’ve done the 5k, 10k, and half marathon in different years, i completed my races virtually in 2020, and i even ran my 5k in calcutta in 2015 to fulfill my promise to the people who donated that year. marathon weekend is my favorite memphis weekend of the year, and as my friends and i have scattered it has also become a reunion weekend of sorts for us. i am excited to return to ring in this milestone and to continue my fundraising efforts.

like i said, a busy and fun year, and i’m sure there will be other things that come up along the way. more visitors to nyc. more city and regional explorations. more adventures to be had. i’ll be ready for them all.

what are you looking forward to this year?


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