for the kids: running a 5k in calcutta for the children of st jude.

most everyone knows my feelings for st jude children’s research hospital. i have so much love for the work the hospital does to treat childhood cancer and other illnesses, and i have begun dedicating my birthday each year to raise money for st jude’s lifesaving work as part of the st jude heroes program.

in 2014 i raised just over $1,300 for st jude and participated in the 5k during st jude memphis marathon weekend in december. i was so touched by the donations i received from my family and friends from all over the world, and i had a great time participating in all of the weekend events. i heard some amazing stories during the pasta party the night before the event and definitely cried a little. and getting high fives and cheers of encouragement from patients while running through st jude’s campus is a moment i will remember forever.

2015-12-05 06.17.09
pre-run with deboo. calcutta, india. december 2015.

when it came time to sign up as a hero for this year’s events, i knew i wanted to participate. i originally thought i might time a trip home to coincide with the weekend, but there was the small issue of priyanka and deboo’s wedding being the same weekend. i signed up to raise funds, and i promised my donors and team rhodes that i would complete my 5k in calcutta, so that is just what i did on the 5th of december.

deboo agreed to join me on my run, and luckily for me there are some nice lakes to run around close to where he was staying. i got myself up early on saturday morning and headed down to meet him at golpark. we went for a slow jog around the park and lakes, stopping along the way for a few pictures and to admire the early morning mist hanging over the lake. he was so patient when i needed to stop and walk for a bit, and it gave the two of us a chance to catch up on our own before all of the madness settled in. so thank you, deboo, for keeping me company and for playing photographer. it was nice to have someone along for the journey.

2015-12-05 07.57.51
showing my st jude love and my grizz pride in front of the lake. calcutta, india. december 2015.

and a huge thank you to everyone who has donated to my fundraising efforts. together we have raised almost $1,200 for st jude, and there is still time until the end of the month to contribute.

if you can’t donate anything this year, fear not: i’ll be doing the same thing again next year 🙂


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