christmas potluck // 2015.

now that i finally have some furniture in my house, i figured it was time to have people over to see where i live. up until this last weekend, only a handful of people had ever been inside my abode, so the best way to change that was to have a little house party. with my crazy travel schedule, i decided a christmas potluck on a sunday afternoon would get people to my house and give me a chance to see everyone before i head home for the holidays.

i cleaned my house, put up some holiday decorations, stuffed chocolates in mini stockings for people to take home, and readied myself to have people over.

people started trickling in around 1pm, and by 3 there were about eleven of us. we had a spread of chips and salsa, haryali tikka, chicken curry, beef curry, mutton curry, and chicken biryani, and there was chocolate cake and natural ice cream for dessert, so we we all ate very well [and i got lots of leftovers!]. nilah and evika provided entertainment, and i had a pandora christmas playlist on in the background, so there was never a dull moment.

after the rush of the previous week, it was so nice to have a relaxing sunday at home and to share it with so many of my favourite people. and now it’s time to get ready for christmas in memphis!


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